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Transform Your Science Department

The Summer Mastery Workshop is a two-and-a-half day intensive training program that equips you to implement a mastery-based model of teaching and to build a premier science department in your school, home or coop.

During the workshop textbook author and veteran educator John D. Mays will present practical techniques and step-by-step guidance to:  

  • Learn teaching strategies for mastery: a paradigm for long-term content retenion
  • Set student expectations, break bad study habits, and enable them to succeed
  • Achieve buy-in from your parents and administration in adopting the model
  • Implement an effective, cumulative assessment strategy
  • Participate in breakout sessions to work out implementation in your context

At the Summer Mastery Workshop, you’ll also ...  

  • Get expert advice about your unique academic environment
  • Network with other educators teaching for mastery and share experiences
  • Get ideas and inspiration for other departments in your school
  • Have the opportunity to explore Austin, Texas, the live music capital of the world
  • Receive a free copy ofTeaching Science So That Students Learn Science  
Centripetal Press - Cram Pass Forget Cycle

Get everything you need to break the Cram-Pass-Forget Cycle

John D Mays Novare Science & Math Summer Mastery Workshop

Who's the workshop leader?

If you've heard John at a conference, you know he is an outstanding presenter, an amazing motivator, and his Mastery model for science instruction is a major paradigm shift.

John D. Mays is the founder of Novare Science & Math, LLC. He was an engineer for fourteen years before becoming an educator, where he has over twenty years experience. Early in his teaching career, John realized students weren’t really learning. They were merely jumping through hoops to get a grade – what he came to call the “Cram-Pass-Forget Cycle.”

Since then, he has vowed to transform science education across the country, advocating and practicing a mastery-based teaching model through new curriculum and redesigned teaching and learning strategies. Today, over 170 schools and thousands of homeschoolers across the world are using Novare/Centripetal Press curriculum.  

The Details

Dates: July 17-19, 2019

We begins at 8am Wednesday 17th, and the Workshop concludes at noon Friday 19th. Breakfast and lunch included! Click here for schedule.


Regents School of Austin, located at 3230 Travis Country Circle, Austin, TX 78735


Registration: $425

Enrollment is limited to ensure a high-quality experience for everyone. Register early to avoid missing out.

What our 2018 participants said

“The ideas and inspiration I received at the workshop are well worth the time and cost. I really appreciated your heart and passion and wish you all the best in your mission.”  

– Aaron Barclay, Calvary Chapel Fluvanna School  

“This workshop ‘scratched me where I itched,’ providing encouraging confirmation in some areas and wonderful new perspective in others.”  

– Steve Mittwede, Covenant Classical School  

“This workshop is inspiring me to apply the model to my French classes as well.”  

– Cynthia Van Zandt, Summit Christian Academy  

I appreciate your passion and skill in developing the Mastery approach. I look forward to using Introductory Physics this year to see how it blesses the students.”  

– Tim Bower, Liberty Classical School  

Worth the time! Your passion for the next generation shows.”  

– Bill Meadows, Covenant Classical School  

Join us this summer and take your educator skills to an exciting new level